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    Contact:Zhao Jun

    ADD:Shandong Shuilongwang Industrial Park, Zhangxia Town, Changqing District, Jinan





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    SCB Series Dry-type Transformer


    Technical Features of SCB Series Dry-type Transformer
    Safe, flame-retardant, fireproof and free from contamination, it is able to directly install in load center.
    Free maintenance, simple installation and low cost in integrated operation
    Moisture resistance, maintaining normal operation under 100% humidity and immediately putting into operation after the outage without drying.
    Low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, high radiating capacity, operation in 150% of rated load under forced air cooling condition
    Equipped with a perfect temperature protection control system to providing a reliable protection with safe operation of transformers
    High reliability, reliability has reached the international advanced level relying on research of products putting into operation.
    Foil Coil:
    LV winding adopts foil structure, winding with a whole piece of foil, using the resin prepreg poly resin compound cloth for inter turn insulation, sealing the top end with resin. Through high temperature curing treatment, the resins in resin prepreg poly resin compound cloth are released and then are solidified, making the entire coil into a steel entirety. Heatproof grade of the LV winding is F.
    LV winding takes the structure of by multi-segment foils winding and winding continuously. By using the poly resin composite film for inter turn insulation, the inner and outer casting layer uses glass fiber grid as support frames, casted by filler resin in a vacuum state. The inner and outer cast thickness is 2~3mm of thin insulation structure. Through High temperature curing, the casting surface is smooth. Heatproof grade of the LV winding is F.
    Foil coil has solved the outstanding problems of short-circuit stress, ampere turn imbalance, poor heat dissipation of low-voltage high-current winding products and instable quality of artificial welding.

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