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    Contact:Zhao Jun

    ADD:Shandong Shuilongwang Industrial Park, Zhangxia Town, Changqing District, Jinan





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    About BOTAI

    Leader`s Speech

    Chunhua Qiu Shi, summer to winter! In this beautiful moment of welcome, we would like to, on behalf of Shandong Botai Electric Co., Ltd, extend our greetings and deepest gratitude to new and old customers who care and support the development of our company. To the staff and their families fighting in all positions to extend my most sincere wishes! I wish you a Happy New Year, all the best, happy family!
    Looking back, we spent an extraordinary year. In all staff sincere cooperation, good governance, work hard together to make Shandong Botech in the development of adding a few more heavy, worked hard to sharpen another mature, and achieved excellent performance! At the dawn of the new year, Shandong Botai will continue to meet new challenges and achieve more brilliant achievements in the fierce market competition by virtue of its excellence in technology and high-quality services.
    Looking ahead, the company will face greater opportunities and challenges! In this era of both challenges and opportunities, the company adheres to its management philosophy of "Persisting in Persistence and Combining Advanced Technology with Customer Needs", Focusing on Technological Progress and R & D Investment. Pay close attention to social interests, continue to improve and innovate the introduction of international quality safety, energy saving, environmental protection series of electrical products. Let us embark on a new starting line with full enthusiasm, unity, cooperation, blaze new trails, towards a higher, farther, stronger goal courageously forward, create brilliant!